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Aldara (generic name: Imiquimod) is a topical cream used to treat genital warts: warty growths that are found on the surface of the vulva, the penis, and the anus.

While Aldara does not cure the warts themselves, it may serve to keep the progression of the warty growths at a minimum, although it is possible for new warts to appear even during treatment. The cream comes in small individual packets that contain enough medication to use approximately three times per week.

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Aldara Helps To Remove Genital Warts

Aldara Condylox Genital Warts Remedy Treatment For Herpes

ALDARA cream is used to treat external genital and perianal warts and is different from most other treatments. It is a patient-applied cream that helps the body fight the virus instead of just getting rid of the warts.

So ALDARA cream actually treats warts from the inside out. In a recent survey of patient and physician treatment preferences, patients reported better overall satisfaction, more convenience and less associated pain with Aldara than with previously used therapies for genital warts.

Physicians also rated Aldara as preferable to other treatments in terms of convenience, less associated pain and patient compliance.

ALDARA cream doesn’t destroy healthy skin. Most people who use

ALDARA cream doesn’t complain of pain. One of the most common side effects is redness.

This may be a sign that your immune system is working. Other common side effects are peeling of the skin, itching, flaking, and swelling around the warts.

ALDARA cream can effectively clear genital warts as early as 4 weeks, although it can take as long as 16 weeks. Results vary from person to person. In clinical trials, about one-half of patients completely cleared their warts.

ALDARA cream is easy to use at home. It’s rubbed on the warts and left on during sleeping hours. Then it’s washed off after waking. There are some things people who use ALDARA cream should know: Because ALDARA cream doesn’t cure HPV, new warts may form during treatment ALDARA cream may weaken condoms and diaphragms, so sexual contact should be avoided while the cream is on the skin How ALDARA cream affects the spread of genital warts to a partner is not known. A woman who is or becomes pregnant while using ALDARA cream should notify her health care provider immediately.

Will I Get Any Side Effects From ALDARA Cream?

There are some side effects associated with ALDARA cream. Side effects are most often at the wart area and are usually mild to moderate.

Most common side effects are redness, peeling, and swelling in the area where ALDARA cream is applied. Some patients have also experienced burning, itching, and pain where ALDARA cream was applied.

These may be caused by the response of your body’s immune system to the drug. However, if you experience a severe skin reaction, contact your health care provider.

What Should I Avoid While Using ALDARA Cream?

Do not cover warts with bandages or other closed dressings. Avoid using overly large amounts of cream. A thin layer that completely covers each wart is enough.

Does Aldara Cure HPV?

Aldara Cream Side Effects have been somewhat of a concern for many people who have been infected with Condlyomata Acuminata (Genital Warts). Although Aldara cream has been known to cure genital warts over time it has also been known to cause some side effects.

Aldara cream is a doctor prescribed topical cream that is intended to be applied to infected areas of people who have contracted genital warts. The cream is applied directly by the patient n the privacy of their own home.

There is no need for any embarrassing doctors’ visits. Aldara cream is usually applied three times per week directly to the affected area. Doctors may prescribe a more frequent dosage depending on the severity of each individual case.

Although Aldara cream has been shown to be an effective treatment for genital warts it is not to be used on all types of condlyomata acuminata.

Aldara cream is designed to treat genital warts that are visible to the eye and on the external genitalia region.

It is not intended for genital warts that are on the cervix, or any other intra-vaginal area. If someone is suffering from intra-vaginal genital warts they should consult their doctor for another treatment.

The way aldara cream works is by assisting the body’s immune system to fight the hpv virus that caused the genital warts in the first place. Aldara cream allows the immune system to produce alpha interferon locally.

Alpha interferon is a substance that is produced by the body that is known to have antiviral properties. In other words, aldara cream works by inducing the immune system to fight the infection that caused the warts as opposed to just treating the warts themselves. This means that once the warts are gone they will not come back.

Aldara creams were designed so that it does not damage any skin that is not affected by the HPV infection. Although the cream does not affect the healthy skin one of the more common aldara cream side effects is developed redness at the application site. This occur quite a few numbers of cases. The redness in temporary and is believed to be a response by the immune system to the cream.

Aldara Cream Side Effects- Pre-existing Conditions and Aldara

Although aldara cream is considered a safe treatment for genital warts, when it is used by a patient who already has some existing medical conditions, some aldara cream side effects have been exhibited.

If you are considering approaching your doctor about aldara cream then it is important that you advise your doctor if you have any of the following conditions in order that you avoid any potential aldara cream side effects:

Prescriptions – If you are taking any prescription or non-prescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement

Current Abrasions – if your skin has not completely healed from surgery or other types of treatment

Allergies – if you have allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances

Pregnancy – If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding

Skin Conditions – if you have other types of skin cancer; broken, damaged, or inflamed skin at the application site; rash at the application site; or warts in the areas of your body other than the genital or anal areas.

Aldara Cream Side Effects – Proper Use To Avoid Problems

Although aldara cream may be an answer to the question Can Genital Warts Be Cured, as with any medication it needs to be used properly. Using aldara cream as directed is going to minimize many potential aldara cream side effects.

When aldara cream is prescribed in most cases the cream should come with instructions from your doctor for the most appropriate use and dosages. These instructions will include when to use it, where to apply it, how much to apply and when to not use the cream.

In order to avoid aldara cream side effects it should be applied as in the following steps:

Aldara cream should not be applied anywhere except to the treatment area. It must not be applied to open wounds or to scraped, blistered, infected, or sunburned skin.

It should not be applied internally.

You should apply Aldara just before bedtime, unless your doctor has advised otherwise.

Wash your hands before and after using Aldara.

Wash the affected area before using Aldara. Apply the cream to dry skin.

It is important to not leave the medicine on the skin for longer than your doctor tells you. When it is time to remove it, you can use mild soap and water as directed by your doctor.

Do not skip any doses. Follow your doctors’ instructions if you do miss a dose.

Following those basic guidelines along with the exact directions provided by a doctor or health care professional should help to minimize any aldara cream side effects due to misuse of the product.

Who Should Not Use ALDARA Cream?

ALDARA cream has not been studied in pregnant women. If you are pregnant, check with your health care provider. Additionally, ALDARA cream should not be applied to warts inside the vagina or anus.

How Do I Use ALDARA Cream?

ALDARA cream is rubbed directly on the wart(s). It should not be taken by mouth or used in or near the eyes.

How To Use ALDARA Cream:
  • Wash hands and open a new packet of ALDARA cream just before Bedtime.
  • Apply a thin layer of cream on the wart(s)
  • Rub the cream in until it vanishes
  • Discard the open packet and wash hands
  • Leave the cream on the wart(s) for 6 to 10 hours

After 6 to 10 hours, wash the area where ALDARA cream was applied with mild soap and water.

Always apply ALDARA cream as directed by your health care provider.

When Should I Use ALDARA Cream?

It is important to use ALDARA cream as directed by your health care provider. Typically, dosing is once a day, 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Apply ALDARA cream at bedtime, after bathing, so you do not wash off the cream. Treatment with ALDARA cream should continue until the warts are completely gone, or up to 16 weeks. Your health care provider can tell you how often and for how long you need to use ALDARA cream.

Can I Have Sex While Using ALDARA Cream?

Sexual contact should be avoided while the cream is on the skin. If you decide to have sexual relations, apply ALDARA cream after – not before – sexual activity. If you have already applied the cream, it should be washed off before sexual activity.

In addition, ALDARA cream may weaken condoms and diaphragms; therefore the cream should not be left on during sexual activity. The effect of ALDARA cream on the transmission of genital warts is unknown.

What If I Forget A Dose?

Apply the missed dose of cream as soon as you remember and then continue on the regular schedule.

What Can I Expect From ALDARA Cream?

Results vary from person to person. Many people see reddening or swelling on or around the warts during the course of treatment.

In clinical trials, about one-half of patients completely cleared their warts. In most patients, the warts disappeared in 8 to 12 weeks. However, some patients got rid of their warts in 4 weeks and others took up to 16 weeks.

Patients should be aware that new warts may develop during therapy, as ALDARA cream is not a cure. For best results with ALDARA cream, follow your health care provider’s instructions closely.

Differences Between Generic Aldara And Brand Aldara

The differences between generic aldara and brand aldara are simply the packaging, pricing and brand name. Both the brand and generic forms of the drug contain the same active ingredient: Imiquimod or Imiquad: This makes generic aldara cheaper than brand aldara, because generic drugs are not associated with brand names and therefore, have no related expenses with research and development, which inevitably end up being passed on to the consumer.

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The best way to buy Aldara is to order it online; it is straightforward, saves time and the entire process can be done from the comfort of the home. Fast delivery means that the product is on your doorstop, ready to use, within a couple of days.


The Aldara cream is seen as a better option when it comes to genital warts treatment because it will make the warts fall off and in the same time preventing the virus from coming back and there’s a high possibility that it will stay as the best alternative for the expensive surgery treatments for another few more years.

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