Compound W Freeze Off For Plantar And Common Warts Removal

Compound W Freeze Off is the faster, medically proven way to get rid of common and plantar warts – without a doctor’s visit! For years, doctors have performed a simple wart freezing process that quickly removes warts.

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Until now, this procedure could only be done in a medical professional’s office.

Compound W Freeze Off is an innovation in wart removal that enables you to safely and easily freeze and remove common and plantar warts at home.

  • It is being made in The Netherlands.
  • It works by using a swab-like applicator that directly freezes the wart. Typically, within two weeks time, the wart falls off and new skin grown in its place.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about getting wet because water will not interfere with the treatment.
  • A fast, safe and easy way to remove warts – from Compound W, the most trusted name in wart removal!