Facial Wart Removal

Facial Wart Removal

Facial Warts – Info, Causes, and Remedies

Unsightly, Contagious, and Just Plain Nasty, Facial Warts can mess with any one’s self esteem. If you have warts on face, the emotional affects can be devastating. Warts should be reserved for witches and frogs, but unfortunately, they make their way on the faces adolescences who already struggle with their place in society.

Human Papilloma Virus is the villain perpetrating warts and is not kill-able. Therefore, removing facial warts is the only available option. There are over the counter treatments that may be applied to warts that have a good success rate. But many over the counter remedies can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for best results. So because of the urgency that is associated with warts on the face, most people opt to see a physician that can expedite the removal of the wart considerably. There are also herbal alternatives that can be used to treat a facial wart.

Some of the most popular ones are: Tea Tree Oil, Garlic Oil, Ravensara Essential Oil, and Black Walnut Oil. After you get the dead skin off and around the wart (use a nail file or emery board) just apply the oils to the wart and cover it with a band-aid to keep it on there. You should begin to see some results from this pretty fast. You can also try combining this with duct tape which is my next point.

Duct tape is a popular home remedy that works pretty well, if you haven’t heard about it already. The idea is to cover the wart with a piece of duct tape. The acid in the duct tape will bring the virus to the head and help kill it faster. It’s hard to imagine someone wearing duct tape on the face without covering the tape with a band-aid. An invitation for more questions but is it works, facial warts can be a desperate situation and it may well is worth it.

The most popular over the counter solution for warts is Salicylic Acid, or Compound W. Applying the Salicylic Acid to the wart daily, will cause the facial wart to dry up and eventually fall off. But again because of the time it can take to work, you may want to contact a dermatologist and discuss your options. A dermatologist will most likely prescribe Cryotherapy and Laser Surgery which are considered day surgeries.

Cryotherapy or freezing the wart will take more of these “day surgeries” to completely remove the warts. Laser Surgery literally cuts the wart out with a high-powered laser. I prefer freezing to cutting and Cryotherapy can be used for the removal of tumours, moles, and skin nodules.

They also sell Sodium Nitride or Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the facial wart over the counter. My experience is that when doing the freezing yourself you may have to be more aggressive with it than what the directions tell you. I don’t want to steer you wrong and I definitely don’t want anyone to get hurt so trust your own instincts when using it. My feeling is that it is a very pricy product and they have you draw the treatment out over a long enough periods that you have to end up buying more than you need.

Types of Facial Warts

Warts are actually clusters of abnormal cellular growth that are surrounded by dead skin cells.

There are two main types of “true” warts that are most likely to affect the face; the first one is the flat wart. Flat warts, also known as verruca plana in the medical world, are the most common type of facial wart. This type of wart can pop up anywhere on the face, although it is most likely to occur on the forehead.

The flat wart is aptly named because the raised portion of skin is topped with a characteristic flatness that is also smooth to the touch, unlike other types of warts that may affect the hands and feet. Flat warts tend to be pretty small in size—usually less than half a centimetre across the thickest part of the warts. Flat warts aren’t as obvious as other warts, partially due to their small size but also because they are similar in colour to the surrounding skin, such as light pink or brown, which helps them blend in to the rest of the skin.

The other most common type of facial wart is the filiform wart. This type of wart looks extremely similar to a skin tag, in that it is made of a long, think piece of skin that may be round or flattened in appearance.

Most filiform warts appear to hang from the skin by just a tiny piece of skin, through which a small stalk may or may not be funnelling blood into the growth. These kinds of facial warts are very annoying because they may often snag on clothing or eyewear, such as glasses or goggles. Filiform warts are most often found growing on the eyelids, around the eyes, and near the mouth. The good news is that most filiform warts spring up on a singular basis which makes their removal a much easier process.

Causes of Facial Warts

Most warts that occur on the human body, particularly those that frequent the face, are caused by the human papilloma virus, or HPV. Contrary to what you might have heard, the strains of HPV that cause flat warts and filiform warts aren’t highly contagious. In fact, the most likely way to spread wart-causing strains of HPV is through direct skin-to-skin contact with someone else who also has a similar kind of wart. That being said, it is possible to transmit this virus through object-to-skin transfer, such as by sharing a towel or shower with someone else. Transfer can also occur through open wounds, such as a scratch or a cut caused by shaving. Babies and children seem to be more susceptible to the contraction of flat warts, and the educated guess on this fact is that they simply have softer skin, weaker immune systems, and are more likely to become wounded.

Treatment Options

When it comes to treating facial warts, and indeed any type of wart, your options can be broken down into two main categories: home treatments and medical treatments. As a general rule, at-home treatments tend to require more persistence and patience, and some might even argue that the results aren’t ideal in comparison to those yielded by prescription treatments. Prescription medication, however, can be quite intense and may leave the skin bleached or sensitive for quite some time. Medications also tend to be much more costly than at-home treatments.

If you are not in a rush to be rid of a facial wart and you don’t mind saving what can amount to a tidy sum of cash, then you might want to consider giving the following home treatments a try first. Most flat warts go away on its own, although it can take up to two years for the wart to completely disappear.

You can speed up the process by applying vinegar to the wart at least three times each day. If you don’t suffer from sensitive skin, you could instead apply pure tea tree oil to the wart twice each day until the wart is completely gone. Small filiform warts can be gently trimmed at the base of the stalk with sterilized scissors.

The alternative is to have the warts frozen off by a dermatologist, chemically reduced using an acid wash, or removed via laser surgery. Your dermatologist will be able to help you determine which type of treatment would be best depending on the location and size of the warts.

Preventing Warts from Developing

There is surprisingly little that can be done to prevent the growth of facial warts. Try practicing good hygiene by washing your face twice each day and your hands several times throughout the day. You should also make it a point to avoid skin-to-skin contact with individuals who have warts.

Facial Wart Treatment

Having facial warts might add to the total effect on Halloween, but for the rest of the 364 days of the year, facial warts are unwanted, unsightly, and just plain embarrassing. No one wants to walk around as a real life witch, so beat the unsightly and embarrassing growths with natural home remedies and treatments for warts. Check out how you can drop the evil witch act and get back to yourself again.

Facial wart treatments are nothing new. They’ve been around since ancient times. To cure these aliments, the ancients used the natural ingredients around them. You too, can hone in on their useful methods. First of all, using acidic foods like pineapple and garlic and applying this to the infected warts several times a day is proven to work. The ancients used these types of methods to make a paste-like mixture to get rid of their warts. Other natural ingredients like talcum salt are just as effective.

Also, an over the counter method with essential oils and other natural ingredients works wonders on warts. H-Warts Formula, an all-natural, no additives and FDA wart remover, is recommended for natural treatment to cure facial warts. It’s so gentle, and effective it can be used on areas of the face. The ancients knew how essential oils combined with acidic food could help fight and cure warts, so why not give their expertise a try?

Aspirin is another natural treatment for warts. Using a little crushed in water and making a paste for a couple of nights is easy and simple to do. You’ll be amazed at the tingling, fighting power of aspirin to combat facial warts. Tea tree oil is something else the ancients use to treat warts. When using antibacterial oil loaded with germ fighting enzymes, you know you’re getting to the root of your facial warts problem. Reapply as needed, and in a couple of days, your warts should be gone or greatly reduced. Using Frankincense is also as effective.

Last, but not least, try using natural aloe Vera. If you can find fresh aloe Vera, the better it works. This soothing jelly ointment contains malic acid, and helps burn the infected wart and virus. You’ll also want to cover with a bandage and wait for its effects to do their magic. Whether you try over the counter treatments like H-Warts Formula or methods the ancients have used to treat facial warts like acidic foods and essential oils and ointments, anything is worth a try when it comes to removing facial warts.

Facial Wart Removal

Facial Warts are relatively easy to get rid of as well as any other type of wart, but can be very painful for the infected person. Some cases where the wart are all over the infected persons face, the best treatment for them is to apply like a topical cream in which will gradually work away at the warts, and soon enough you should start to see improvement.

Some people who have facial warts only get about one or two warts, and then the warts can be very painful to have removed. The doctor has to actually go in with a scalpel and remove them by cutting them out, and a downside of this is that each wart has their own blood supply to them, and in most cases the warts actually bleed pretty badly.

A good way to have the facial warts removed without extreme pain is to just use the topical cream. You won’t see results instantly like the doctor cutting them off, but you won’t have the tremendous pain of the doctor visit either. A lot of people like to use the home treatments on these warts to; one good way is to use the peel of a banana, which has actually been proven to work in some cases.

The doctors actually say that the acids from the banana peel work like a cream somehow and actually eat away at the warts. Some people would rather go to the doctor and have the warts removed right away with the pain, because facial warts are a lot more open in public then something like warts on your arm which can be covered up by a shirt.

Doctors can also use the cryosurgery method on these types of warts as well, but since the warts are on such a tender part of the body the face the cryosurgery is actually pretty painful on the face as well. The doctors must use precision here so they don’t hurt any part of the face and usually the method on the face actually costs more because it is on a more valuable part of the body. A lot of people don’t get this method done on their face just because it actually costs a little much than normal.

Treatment For Flat Warts on Face

Warts can affect anyone of any age or gender. All it takes to get warts is to be infected with the HPV virus. This virus is contagious and can easily get into your body through the tiniest crack in the skin. Once inside, it will affect the rate at which the skin cells reproduce causing warts to form.

There are over 100 different types of HPV, with different strains of the virus producing warts on different areas of the body. However, one of the most frustrating types of warts is flat warts. Flat warts can appear on the face, which can pose a challenge when trying to find flat warts on face treatment.

What do Flat Warts Look Like?

Before using a flat wart on face treatment, it is critical to confirm the bumps are actually flat warts. Flat warts are bumps that lie almost flush against the surface of the skin. These small bumps almost always appear in clusters. Flat warts have smooth tops and are flesh coloured, or they may be yellow. These warts can spread easily to other parts of the face.

Flat Warts on Face Treatment

When considering flat warts on face treatment it is important to remember the skin of the face is very sensitive. Harsh over the counter wart remover should not be used on the face. However, some dermatologists recommend using products with benzyl peroxide to help treat flat warts on the face. This medication can work by causing to the top layer of skin to peel away and triggering an immune response so the body’s immune system can fight the HPV virus.

Another type of treatment for flat warts on the face is cryotherapy. This is performed by a doctor and consists of freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen. This procedure can produce some pain and more than one treatment may be necessary to fully eliminate flat warts for good.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the doctor to cut the flat warts off the skin. The doctor will apply numbing medication to the site first and then quickly cut the warts away with a scalpel. There is a risk for minimal scarring with this type of flat warts treatment.

Flat warts on face treatment must be carried out carefully because the skin on the face is very sensitive. There are natural wart creams available that may be safe to use on the face. Just be sure to use exactly as directed.

How To Get Rid Of Moles On Your Face

If you are reading this article, we bet our bottom dollar that you are searching for ways on how to get rid of moles on your face. Well, you have come to the right place because the natural and medical ways on mole removal will be outlined here.

A few words of advice: Always be careful when using the natural methods for flat and raised moles. Stop when you feel extreme pain as well as blood. Not only is it not worth the trouble but it can be unsafe for your health. As for medical methods, always consult a competent doctor before undergoing any of the procedures. Discover the best natural method for mole removal.

Natural Methods

Many of the natural methods on mole removal revolve around the use of herbs. These are usually found in your garden and kitchen so you need not worry about spending money on the natural ways how to get rid of moles on your face.

First, squeeze the juice out of three sour apples. It should then be applied in generous quantities on the moles for at least three weeks. You may use cotton buds for the purpose although you must remember never to rub too vigorously. The moles should exhibit reduced size and coloration after three weeks although you have to keep at it until the desired results are achieved.

Second, you may also use two onions to extract their juices. Just like the sour apples, you have to apply the onion juice regularly – about two times a day – directly on the moles for several weeks. With consistent application, your mole should be significantly reduced or even gone permanently depending on its size and coloration.

Third, put dandelion weeds to good use since its roots can be used to remove moles. Just be sure to clean the roots of any dirt before rubbing it onto the mole. Stop rubbing when you see a milky-white substance coming out of the root, which should be left there for a few hours. Do this for several weeks and your mole might just say its goodbyes.

Alternatively, you can just buy dandelion root juice from your local health store and spare the plants in your garden. There are other herbal concoctions, of course, related to ways how to get rid of moles on your face. Just remember to proceed with care especially when you see any signs of allergic reactions.

How do you remove moles at home? – Medical Methods

If you choose to go the faster way, then the medical options are for you. Just remember that you have to be ready with your money as mole removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and, hence, not covered by insurance. For example, laser treatments can cost at least $1,000 for 3 treatments and that’s for one mole only.

The medical methods are:

Excision – This process involves two procedures. First, shave excision involves the use of a small blade to cut around and underneath the mole. Second, surgical excision means cutting out the mole and the surrounding skin with a scalpel.

Laser – This involves the use of a laser device to slowly melt away the dark pigments of the mole.

Electrocautery – Heat is the primary way with which the moles are removed.

So, now that you know about the ways how to how to get rid of moles on your face, go do it now!

Face Wart Be Gone

Although facial warts are very common, they are also some of the most challenging warts to deal with. This is because expensive medical procedures like freezing and burning can scar – the wart is gone but the face is still disfigured!

Also, skin on the face is sensitive so pain and irritation are very common. DIY remedies like the acid kits for wart removal sold at your local drugstore are an unsatisfactory option.

Lip warts are like other facial warts. They can make a person feel self-conscious, and have a negative impact on feelings of self-worth and how others assess attractiveness.

Of course, the lips are especially sensitive and so all the same issues of avoiding scarring, pain, and irritation are present – perhaps even more so. Don’t worry. The ingredients you need are safe, natural, and are probably already in your pantry.

Facial wart removal is easy, safe, and possible. Even better, it can be done cheaply in the privacy of your own home.

Avoiding scarring is usually the main area of concern, along with using a technique with a high success rate so that the wart is less likely to return.

It is important to take action on facial wart removal, both to restore confidence and to prevent warts from spreading.

Be cautious about old wives tales and “dummy cures” like using banana peel, garlic, or apple cider vinegar. All you will do is waste money and smell weird.

Amazing as it sounds, the only one of the “folk remedies” with actual science behind it is duct tape. Both the Mayo Clinic and Consumer Reports.org have conducted independent reviews of the research and suggest that duct tape is worth trying. In fact, the evidence shows duct tape works better than expensive cryotherapy from a doctor.

Facial Wart Removal

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