Lysine and Genital Herpes

Lysine and genital herpes have a strong association with one another. Recent studies on genital herpes have revealed that the amino acid called lysine is helpful in curtailing the rapid multiplication of the HSV virus.

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Thus, it can help curtail the genital herpes infection as well. One of the great things about lysine and genital herpes is that it represents a completely natural alternative for treating genital herpes.

Most people these days are tired of the scores of antibiotics they have to pop in every now and then and so are constantly looking for herpes-natural remedies to help cure the condition.

Lysine is known to be a good inhibitor of the herpes simplex virus or HSV and hence genital herpes info as well as studies on genital herpes reveals that this amino acid can prove invaluable for treating genital herpes in a safe and natural manner.

Which foods contain lysine? If your mother told you to eat whole grains, green leafy vegetables and eggs, she knew she was talking about!

Lysine is commonly found in foods such as cheese, red meat, fish, eggs as well as other foods, which are potentially high sources of protein.

Therefore, regular consumption of such foods can help inhibit the spread of the genital herpes infection as well as prevent occurrence of a genital herpes outbreak if you have never had an infection until now.

Lysine and genital herpes are a powerful combination and the natural treatment is known to be safe and highly effective in keeping genital herpes outbreaks at bay.

How it helps?

Recent studies on genital herpes by scientists have proven that when Lysine compound is introduced into a culture containing the HSV virus, it inhibits the rapid multiplication and replication of the HSV cells.

This research has given much needed genital herpes info and it comes as no surprise that lysine and genital herpes will continue to be a subject of research for a couple of years more.

Not only does lysine help to curtail the shedding or replication of the HSV virus but it also reduces the number of genital herpes outbreaks and the severity of each recurrent outbreak. That certainly means good news for all those people who have suffered from recurrent genital herpes infection through their lives.

There is no doubt about the fact that many people with genital herpes infection have found tremendous relief with a lysine and genital herpes combination.

However, there is more relief found when you combine amino acid Lysine along with other herpes-natural remedies such as lemon balm, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel etc. All these genital herbal herpes treatments are great at not only preventing genital herpes but also keeping recurrent attacks at bay.

Lysine and genital herpes is a superb combination but it has been found that lysine can also work wonders on cold sores and genital herpes symptoms of the HSV1 type.

Blisters occurring around the mouth can be curtailed and their severity reduced with the help of lysine amino acid.

If you eat foods rich in protein and avoid all those fatty and sugary foods, you should not only be on your way to better health but also a body free of all genital herpes infection!

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