PediFix Wart STICK

What is PediFix Wart STICK? The PediFix Wart STICK is an over-the-counter medication exclusively formulated to contain 40% salicylic acid, the most effective ingredient for removing all strains of virus-caused warts.

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It is one of the products made and marketed by PediFix Footcare Products that is now on its 4th generation as a family owned company with over 120 years of experience in developing and marketing unique and innovative skin care products focused on the foot.

In existence since 1885, the company is now branching out to leverage its expertise that can address other health problems with similar causes or roots. The PediFix Wart Stick is a product not only for eliminating plantar warts commonly occurring in the feet but is formulated to address warts in other parts of the body.

It’s a known fact that salicylic acid is the best treatment for warts and is recommended by most doctors in treating them. Wart Sticks uses the same active ingredient but with the innovative wax-based applicator that easily glides across rough wart surfaces without the messy drips and residues of other liquid-form products. It’s similar to a deodorant stick and is said to be the only solid-based wart remover in the market.

Is PediFix Wart STICK

Good? PediFix Wart STICK is easy to use and comes in tubes of 0.2-oz sizes each. Healing starts soon but could take up to 12 weeks for the most stubborn strain. For best results, it is recommended that the stick be applied after soaking the wart with water for 5 minutes.

Is PediFix Wart STICK Safe?

The PediFix Wart STICK is the wart remover most recommend by doctors as a safe over-the-counter treatment against all strains of bacterial and viral warts. The product’s main active ingredient is salicylic acid which at 40% is mild enough for most people but could allergic reactions or skin redden in others.

According to PediFix website, do not use this product if you have diabetes or poor circulation. And do not use warts with hair growing from them, broken skin, infected skin, face, genitals, membranes, moles or birthmarks. Also, stop using this product if it causes to have irritation or pain.

As always, it is best to consult with your physician before using the product, especially if you are pregnant or lactating, have a history of allergies to natural and artificial compounds, suffer for any health impairment like diabetes or hypertension, or are taking other medication that could interfere with the active ingredients in PediFix.

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