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Treatment For Warts

Treatment For Warts

The Best Warts Treatments You Can Apply

Wart removal is said to be difficult, especially if you have been affected by spreading warts. You can relatively achieve removal with the use of topical treatments, but not all can guarantee complete eradication of the virus. What you need is a solution can deeply destruct the cells in your warts. Although doctors say that you should not be worried about warts for they will go on their own, there are people who are eager to get rid of their growths instantly. Basically, if you are among these people, you can consider these common options for common warts:

1. Duct Tape

This is a traditional solution in order to get rid of your common warts. The wart removal method will involve the use of duct tape, which will be placed over your wart. The tape will be left on your skin for seven days. After doing so, you will soak the wart in water until it softens. Then, you will rub the common warts from your skin using an emery board. This will be repeated in the next three weeks. By doing so, there is a guarantee that your warts will significantly disappear.

2. Over the Counter Solution

The best product you can find for your common warts is the one formulated with salicylic acid. The acid has been used for a long time in getting rid of the warts in your skin. It is said that the penetration of the acid in your skin will fight off the wart and cause it to fall off by itself.

3. Green Banana Peels

The peels have its magic in terms of eventually drying up your warts. You just need to cut a piece of the peel and place it over the warts. You will place it using a strip of gauze and medical tape. The regular application of the peel will help remove your common warts in a short matter of time.

4. Candida Antigen Injection

This is applied by doctors and is commonly known for boosting the immune system of your body. This will then help in fighting away the warts in your skin.

5. Vitamin E

This skin-friendly solution will give you restorative properties and healing solution for your warts. You can just pop a vitamin E and apply it on your skin. By applying the solution daily will help you erase the common warts from your skin soon.

6. Oregano Oil

This is a powerful solution that will keep the growths in your skin reduced. You just need to reapply the oil on a clean affected area and cover it up with bandage.

7. Prevention

This is probably the best treatment for common warts. You need to protect yourself to get rid of future wart growth. You need to avoid risking your body from wart development. You should avoid scratching or picking your wart. Plus, it is said that you should boost your immunity by consuming enough nutrients every day. This will strengthen your resistance against human papilloma virus.

Effective Treatments Of Genital Warts

Among all the effective treatments of genital warts: which way you can recover quickest? Genital warts patient wants to get systematic treatment and to cure genital warts earlier. This is the every sufferer desire.

Experts suggest that in order to get more effective result, the first thing is to go to hospital for a systematic diagnosis.

Drug treatments to relatively small genital warts (especially large numbers of warts) have a great advantage compared with physical therapy; the advantages of drug treatments are reflected in the following areas:

1. Drug therapy would cause less pain to patients than physical therapy; the most common ways of physical therapy in clinical practical is laser treatment which requires anaesthetic injection and high-energy laser beam to burn the warts. Due to genital skin’s rich in nerves, patients usually have to endure much pain; compared with the laser treatment, drug treatment causes much smaller pain, mostly mild discomfort. Some patients taking drugs don’t even feel much pain and hair itching feeling also mild.

 2. The recovery period of drug treatment is short. Physical therapy, from the start of treatment to wound completely healed till the wounded skin back to normal, would take about 20 days, while drug treatment throughout the process takes only a few days. Drug treatment has smaller damage to skin, and the healing time of the warts getting off after the wound recovery is short, usually takes only 1-3 days. After treatment, the longer the wound healing process takes, indicating that the more serious the injury is.

 3. The types of infection and the possibility of leaving scars of drug therapy are much smaller than physical therapy. The infection is likely to cause the next recurrence of genital warts, which is the reason why genital warts after physical therapy are more easily to relapse.

Best Genital Wart Treatment For Men

Wart removal treatment is no mystery. Because warts are an embarrassing and touchy subject, we tend not to talk about them openly. In this brief article I hope to dispel some of the fear surrounding warts, and to talk briefly about the different treatments available.

Warts are a very natural and common skin infection caused by the HPV or human papillomavirus. HPV is found everywhere in the human environment, and cannot be avoided. They are easily spread from person to person, and can even be spread through handling objects that have been handled by an already infected person.

Warts are harmless. No one ever died from a wart, though they may have felt embarrassed and ashamed about it. The HPV infection shows up as a small mark, often raised above the skin, possibly rough in texture, and ranging in colour from white to a brownish hue. They may come in clusters as they tend to spread over the skin, and can appear anywhere on the body, face, genitals, or even the soles of the feet.

A word of warning: genital warts may be confused for a more serious STD. For that reason, if you find wart-like symptoms on your genital or anal region, please get prompt medical advice in case it is something you really need to worry about.

There are a variety of treatments for warts. They range from the medical to the DIY or do-it-yourself to the downright quacks.

Here are a Few of the Leading Proven Treatments:

Laser therapy is one of the most popular wart treatments around. It is clean, relatively inexpensive, and can be done quickly in your local doctor’s clinic. Intense heat energy is used to burn off the wart and some surrounding tissue, and has the effect of killing off the virus. There is some small amount of pain involved, and you may need a local anaesthetic depending on the length and intensity of treatment, as well as your own good judgment and the advice of your practitioner.

Cryotherapy uses intense cold, normally from liquid nitrogen, to freeze the wart and also kill the virus. The dead wart usually hangs on for about a week and then falls off. There can be a small amount of scarring, but most people are happy with the result. Plantar warts, or warts on the soles of the feet, can be easily treated with this method as scarring is not an issue with this part of the body.

There are do-it-yourself cryotherapeutic kits you can buy to try out at home. Some folks find them effective, some not. The main problem with these is that the intense cold of liquid nitrogen cannot be attained at home without special equipment. Still, worth a try if you do not want to spend money right away.

One of the oldest and most effective home treatments is salicylic acid. This has been around for a long, long time. This acid can be bought in a weak solution at most drug stores. The method is simple: apply drops of the acid to the affected area. Bandage and keep clean and repeat daily. The drawback of this treatment is that your warts may not disappear for several weeks. It will take some patience, but given how cheap and simple it is, salicylic acid may be just what you need.

Finally, surgery may be recommended in really bad cases of warts. This obviously will involve you in some expense and trouble, so make this your last option. Excision surgery for warts is done largely for cosmetic reasons, so your health insurance plan is unlikely to cover the cost. Shop around carefully for different practitioners, and look closely at the different cost options.

Female Genital Warts – How To Treat Genital Warts

Female genital warts are small painful bumps in your genital area caused by an infection of the human papilloma virus (HPV). It is the most common type of sexually transmitted disease (STD), and is often the first sign of other HPV infections. The virus comes in more than 100 strains, but only two – Types 6 and 11 are responsible for causing female genital warts.

Female genital warts can be as small as 1mm across or form into large cauliflower-like clusters. They can also occur in surrounding areas such as the vaginal tunnel, cervix, anus, and perineum (the flesh between your anus and vagina).

Causes And Transmission

Sexual contact with an infected partner is the most common cause of Female genital warts. It’s also possible to get them from oral sex, but the virus seems to thrive better in genital tissues. Because it’s highly contagious, more than 60% of females who have sexual contact with carriers will get genital warts within three months. Other less common causes include: – Vertical transmission: a mother with female genital warts passes the infection to her child.

-Self-transmission: the infection is passed from one part of the body to another.

-Fomites: the virus can be passed from inanimate objects such as toilet seats and bath towels, although there’s no real proof of this theory.

Female Genital Warts And Pregnancy

The HPV virus doesn’t affect fertility, so you can get pregnant while you’re infected but that doesn’t mean its safe. Getting pregnant when you have female genital warts can have its complications. Besides passing the virus on to your child, pregnancy can also make the warts flare up and get large, interfering with urination and making childbirth difficult. It also limits your treatment options, as some prescription medications can harm the foetus.

Treatment Of Female Genital Warts

There are many treatment options available for genital warts, each with its own effectiveness and side effects. Your goal should be to eliminate the warts themselves and disable the virus that caused it (you’ll still be a carrier, but the virus will be too weak to infect you or your partner).

Most doctors will give you prescription medications. The most common kinds are:

  • Podophyllin
  • Podofilox
  • Imiquimod
  • Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

If the warts are large or clustered, they can be removed through surgery, laser treatment, or other clinical procedures. One of the newest methods is cryosurgery, or freezing off the warts so they can be safely removed. These methods can be expensive, though, and most of them involve post-surgery medications.

Homeopathic Remedies

If you’re prone to allergies, if prescription drugs are not an option, or if you simply want to avoid the pain and complications of surgery, you may want to consider homeopathic medicine. This practice is based on the thought that any disease can be cured by the same natural substance that caused it.

There aren’t many homeopathic remedies for female genital warts, but we’ve found one that works well. It is made from safe natural ingredients so you can get real results with little to no side effects. Most people prefer this to the pain and complications that may come with surgery or other clinical treatments.

Natural Treatment For Warts Can Work For You

The role of the immune system is to defend our body from intruders such as harmful bacteria and viruses. It is thus important and advantageous to learn as to how to strengthen it so that it can fight off the HPV. This will greatly help you reduce the risk of getting warts.

You can strengthen your immune system by:

• Eat the right and correct amounts of foods – Do eat a lot of vegetables such as broccoli and plenty of foods that are rich in proteins. Please refrain from eating foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs and also try to minimize your intake of caffeine rich foods such as chocolate and coffee. Completely eliminate refined sugars from your diet. Do not try to replace sugar by refined sweeteners as they maybe more harmful in reality.

• Increase water consumption –Water is one of the best purifying agents. It is strange how people do not drink enough water nowadays. Some common ailments such as headaches may be a sign of you not drinking enough water. These small steps can aid your natural treatment warts regimen considerably.

• Get adequate sleep – A normal adult needs around 8 hours of sleep every night, however, the amount of hours of sleep needed largely depends on age; the number of hours generally decrease as one progresses in age.

• Do not smoke or drink alcohol – Both smoking and drinking alcohol can severely weaken your immune system. Stopping them or minimizing their intake can greatly strengthen your immune system and make you more capable of fighting the HPV from the inside and thus making you less prone to developing warts.

Home Treatment For Warts

You’ve probably done it before if you’ve had warts on your hands. Wearing long sleeve in the middle of summer, or even gloves to hide your hand warts, is something of the past with home treatments and remedies for wart removal. Don’t hide anymore; instead, try out warts on hands treatments and other home remedies on warts to get you back to your old self again.

The key to getting rid of any type of wart is to kill the virus causing warts. Going to the doctor and spending exuberant amounts of dollars on surgeries and freezing methods can not only cause unsightly scarring, but can also not get rid of the wart spreading virus. You’re better off, trying your luck at affordable and easy to use home remedies for hand warts.

First of all, don’t spread the virus to other parts of your body. Viruses spread by touching, so wash your hands frequently and keep them dry. Warts flourish in wet environments, so keep your hand clean as much as possible.

Another method is to make a paste-like mixture with baking soda, aspirin, or even Vitamin C, and putting that directly onto your wart. Using adhesive tapes, covers your wart areas, and after a day or two, remove the tape. It’s best to wrap the wart or warts in a couple of layers of tape. You don’t want it too tight, but this method has been shown to work more effectively than even the leading medial bandages containing liquid nitrogen which kills the growth.

Cutting up carrots, using garlic, and other acidic foods directly on your warts are also proven methods and treatments for wart removal. Crushing up Vitamin C, using aspirin, and even aloe Vera are also just as effective. When it comes to warts, there are so many home remedy treatments to try. The important thing with these treatments is that they kill the virus, so that the same wart doesn’t keep coming back. With more severe cases, it may require more time and attention, but using home remedies do work, even in extreme circumstances.

As always, it’s probably best to seek advice from a clinical practitioner on what’s the best thing to do for your warts. Even if a doctor suggests an over the counter treatment option, you always have the choice to look into it. If you’re patient, trying natural treatments typically works just as fast and effectively as over the counter medicines, ointments, and creams, and cost a fraction less. You don’t have to resort to burring and freezing options offered by physicians, but can use safe and natural treatments to remove hand warts.

How You Can Cure Warts at Home

The term curing warts is technically wrong in the first place. There is no cure for warts, only different treatments exist that will help you keep the problem at bay & under control. However, the term curing warts is used quite commonly & as a synonymous for treatment of warts.

There are a number of different ways in which warts can be treated. One of the most common & cheapest treatments that are generally used is the herbal remedies.

There is no complication involved in their preparation & the ingredients used are everyday products. The first remedy that we’ll be discussing here uses only a pill of the vitamin C. Crush a tablet in a piece of cloth & make sure that it is clean. After crushing the tablet, take few drops of water & add them to the powder that has been formed as a result of the crushing & make a paste. Apply this paste repeatedly until you see the result.

Another herbal method used for curing warts is by applying castor oil on the warts. The method for application is that you soak a piece of cotton in the castor oil & squeeze out the extra oil from the piece of cotton. Place this oil soaked cotton swab on the warts & fix it with the help of a medical tape or a plastic band-aid. This process needs to be repeated twice a day every day until the healing effect is visible.

Garlic is another homemade remedy that will help in treating the problem at hand. First of all peal of the skin of the garlic. Wrap the garlic in a clean piece of cloth & crush it, just like mentioned in the remedy using the vitamin C tablet.

Crushing the garlic will give you a semi paste sort of a mixture. Apply this mixture on the warts & wrap it up on the spot using a gauge & medical tape of plastic band-aid. This process needs to be repeated for a minimum of seven days, for severe cases the healing process can take longer, so if you don’t get your results in seven days it is an indication that you need to give more time. Also in the initial phase of the application, feeling a stinging sensation is part of the remedy’s process & also an indication that garlic is working on the warts.

These remedies are natural & have been proven to be quite effective. However, as experts will tell you that the best remedy for the warts depends on their location & their type. In a more common language depends on the stubbornness of the warts. Initial stage to medium stage warts are easily treated by the above mentioned herbal remedies quite effectively. For stubborn warts it is the medical treatments that prove the most effective. However, these treatments are expensive especially compared to all the other alternatives.

One of the methods that is used by dermatologist is called cryotherapy. In this procedure liquid nitrogen is applied on the warts. This application freezes the warts which then fall off once they are frozen to the limit. Cryotherapy apart from being able to treat the most stubborn warts is also the fastest remedy for the problem.

Another medical method uses trichloroascetic chemical. This chemical when applied peels of the warts or they are burned off from the skin. One is prone to feel the stinging sensation in this procedure as well, but it is temporary.

Electrocautery is another medical treatment for our under discussion problem. In the process of electrocautery a controlled electric current is passed through the warts, which burn off. It depends on the type of the warts which determine the number of session that are required for the process.

Genital Warts Cure – Your Complete Guide

Do you want to get rid of genital warts and unsure how to or where to go for help? Well you’re not alone. When it comes to genital warts removal, many people lean towards removing the warts on their own and in the comfort of their own home. Contracting genital warts may be embarrassing to you. So looking to seek advisement of a physician is not the first thing you may think of. That’s understandable.

The consequences of genital warts may not be immediately apparent. This virus has been implicated as a cause of cervical cancer. The cancer takes a long time to develop, and a long standing untreated infection has a very strong association with this cancer.

If you have risk factors for genital warts, like multiple sex partners and frequent sex with strangers consider getting yourself vaccinated. Gardasil is the first vaccine available which prevents infection with the Human Papilloma Virus. You must get this vaccine especially if you are a woman. The vaccine is generally recommended for females between the ages of 9 and 26 years.

You have two modes of genital warts cure. You will have to understand that the virus nestles in the upper layers of the genital mucosa. It is very difficult for medication to penetrate to these layers. The treatment of this condition is mainly targeted at removing the warts. This will reduce the chances of cancer developing later in life. The virus cannot be totally eliminated by current treatments. If you already have an infection you can try medication or surgery. The indications for any type of treatment depend on the severity of the infection and the number and size of the warts.

Never use over the counter medication for genital warts cure. Such preparations may harm the delicate mucosa of the genitals. They can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin when applied locally. This may even lead to further infection.

For genital warts cure you can choose from creams like Aldara, condylox or Tricholoacetic acid. Each cream has some precautions for usage. You must use them only under the guidance of a medical practitioner. The doctor will tell you how to apply the cream the first time. The treatment can then be done at home itself.

You will have to be careful about a few things like abstaining from sex during treatment. If you are pregnant, some of these creams might be harmful. Your health care provider will be the best judge of what treatment you should take in such a case.

Surgery may be required in some cases. You might need a surgical genital warts cure if the warts are very large. If the warts are resistant to treatment or recur even after repeated treatment, surgery might be the only choice. In such cases, the wart is removed with the help of liquid nitrogen, or laser therapy. In some cases a simple surgical excision is all that is required.

Genital Warts Treatment and Advice

Genital warts are a very serious sexually transmitted disease that is very hard to deal with. The human papilloma virus (HPV) causes this disease. The virus causes bumps on the skin that resemble warts.

These warts cause great discomfort and embarrassment. This is why it is so important to have it taken care of right away. Genital warts form around the penis or in and on the vagina, the cervix and anus. This virus is transmitted from one person to another during sexual contact.

These are not the same warts that occur on the hands and feet. These should not be treated with the same types of treatment. You are going to have to get special treatment and the right medicine to treat this disease. There are some people who have this disease and will not know they have it as they may not have any of the signs of the disease. They may have painless warts on their sex organs. Those warts will be different in size and can be smooth or bumpy.

There are special procedures and tests that have to be performed to determine the wart virus. Many people that have the wart virus on their sexual organs are very contagious. It is passed when skin touches skin during sexual conduct. The wart virus is very common in adults who are sexually active and do not perform safe sex.

When someone has genital warts, they will need to get medical treatment and get the proper care so that they do not spread this disease to any of their partners.

You do not have to be embarrassed about having them as anyone can get genital warts….male or female, young or old. This is a very common disease that is unfortunately increasing in more and more young people because they are not practicing safe sex.

In fact, there are more people than ever being diagnosed with this unwanted disease. You will find that you will feel much better once you get help and get the problem under control. There is no recognized cure at present, however many sufferers are reporting good results with natural herbal treatments.

Genital Wart Medicine or Medical Removal

The steps people take in order to approach genital wart removal today can seem surprising, even frightful, in the more extreme cases. In approaching genital wart removal however, the more conventional methods are attempted at first.

These can include topically applied creams or ointments which can be gotten over the counter, then the typical sufferer may move on to prescription medications when they find the results of the former method less than complete. When these for the most part inevitably fail most sufferers look for more drastic methods to remove their genital warts.

If Conventional Methods Fail To Remove Genital Warts, Any Options?

It comes as no surprise that after utilizing some of the more conventional methods of removing your genital warts you are still looking for a more permanent removal solution. Other more drastic options include such techniques as CO2 laser surgery, where the doctor takes a laser and burns the warts off of the skin over the course of a series of visits. This can be quite expensive, time consuming, painful and frankly, quite frightening as anyone can imagine.

Another treatment which uses similar directness in genital wart removal is cryotherapy. This also involves a series of visits, during each of which the doctor directly applies liquid nitrogen to the warts, freezing them off from the skin. Then there is the Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP), which utilizes a bladed tool, the blade being loop-shaped. This is passed around and under each wart in order to carve them away from the skin.

Now, these methods, though somewhat drastic-seeming in concept, do actually result in complete genital wart removal. The only problem besides the cost, stress and pain is that this does not guarantee anything against the inevitable – the recurrence of more warts in the near future. So to recap, a person may start with easily acquired topical remedies, and then move on to prescription topical medications, and eventually may undertake the more drastic methods of topical genital wart removal. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

This is the way of allopathic medicine, today’s modern medical science. It tends to attack the outward symptoms, but fails to go after the internal cause. All this medical science can do is dull the effects of ailments with chemicals and drugs, or cut something off of the body. Granted, there are times when such practices can save a life, such as when a limb becomes gangrenous and needs to be amputated, but as far as curing the causes of our ills, this would be a mite like swatting at a fly with a howitzer.

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