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Eliminate External Genital And Perianal Warts Completely With Veregen

To get warts in your body is something terrific and painful to face. There are different types of warts like plantar warts, genital or perianal warts. However, in this warts product review today we put forward treatment that deals only with external genital and perianal warts. Veregen Ointment is the ultimate treatment that offers solution to your external warts. It is being studied as effective in treating warts.

What Exactly Is Veregen® Ointment?

Veregen® Ointment an effective and first botanical prescription medicine approved to treat only the external genital and perianal warts. It is not meant for warts in the cervix, inside the anus or vagina. It is available as an ointment type that is required to be applied on the warts area thrice daily till the warts died. It is made from green tea leaf extract.

What Are The Ingredients In Veregen® Ointment?

Veregen Ointment uses safe, effective and natural ingredients to treat warts. The Active ingredient is definitely Green tea extract. The Inactive Ingredients do include the following:

  • Cera Alba (White Wax)
  • White petrolatum
  • Propylene glycol palmitostearate
  • Oleyl alcohol
  • Isopropyl myristate

Clinical Effects

Veregen Ointment has undergone a thorough evaluation in clinical studies. Studies put forward that Veregen is more powerful and effective in removing genital or perianal warts than placebo (the ointment without active component). It is estimated that around 57% of the customers who utilize this ointment experience complete elimination of warts. It is more favoured to be used today as it is useful.

How Exactly Does Veregen Work?

Veregen Ointment is the topical product to treat the warts on the outside of the genital area and around the anus. It is not clearly known how these Veregen ointments works to prevent warts, but it has chemicals that are needed to effectively help in eradicating painful warts on the affected place being mentioned.

You might be aware that genital warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) being transmitted through sexual intercourse. Veregen Ointment is not a cure for HPV infection. It works only on the external part.

Veregen is available in multiple brand names and in various forms. Hence, you need to be careful to choose which one is the real one. As it is a prescription medication so your doctor will prescribe you the best and original product. Therefore, you must consult with the doctor first prior using this product to avoid harmful side effects. The doctor might even ask you to do some tests to get the clear cause of the warts.

It is also advised not to share this ointment with others even though they have the same symptoms like you.

Who Should Not Use Veregen® Ointment?

If you are allergic to any ingredient in Veregen Ointment you must not use this to treat your genital or perianal warts.

When And Just How To Make Use Of Veregen?

  • You need to know some general rules before making use of this Veregen product. Here it goes:
  • This Veregen medication is available in an ointment form that needs to be applied on the warts thrice daily without fail.
  • You must apply till the warts are gone or approximately up to 16 weeks.
  • Wash thoroughly your hands before and after applying Veregen.
  • It is a must to wash the ointment prior having sex as it can weaken condoms or diaphragms.
  • Use it as prescribed or instructed by the physician.

What Goes On If I Miss A Dose Or Overdose?

Do not take any extra medicine even if you miss taking it. If you miss taking just try to take it at the next time regularly to avoid unwanted effects.

In case you applied too much Veregen on the affected warts area then you need to get immediate medical help. Overdosing on the skin will not solve your problems fast.

Exactly What Are The Possible Negative Effects?

Every product will have its own pros and cons and its related side effects. If you apply the Veregen Ointment to skin you might experience:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Blisters
  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Itching

These are the side effects you will experience when you start utilizing the product. In case these persist then you need to immediately stop using it and have a check with the doctor.

What To Avoid While Taking Veregen?

Obviously you need to avoid sexual intercourse if you have applied this ointment on your skin. You must wash the ointment off properly if ever you wish to have intercourse even though using condom. Veregen ointment can weaken the latex in the rubber condom and an unwanted pregnancy might happen.

You also must not touch the treated skin areas or allow anyone to touch. Veregen is an external treatment only. Avoid contact of this medication in your nose, eyes or mouth or to your vagina, rectum etc. It is advised not to apply this ointment even to your open wound or broken skin. Do not expose the treated skin areas to sunlight or artificial UV rays like sunlamps or tanning beds. Proper care is a must to obtain the complete elimination of painful warts from your body.


Veregen Ointment is not a cure for all warts, but only the external genital warts and perianal warts. It is stated that it can eliminate warts within 16 weeks of use. It is the good option to try if you want to get rid of this terrific wart.