Viratrol is an over-the-counter and FDA-registered medicine made specifically to reduce symptoms related to herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 & HSV-2). It also improves the overall health condition in children and adults.

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Use Viratrol For Genital Warts

There are plenty of products available today to effectively eliminate warts from your skin. Warts, if left untreated for a long time can multiply and grow in size and can lead to dangerous disease like cancer. Therefore, there is a need to remove warts especially genital warts that affects life badly. Fortunately, Viratrol is the answer to cure genital warts.


  • M. Piperita (for Sensitive Skin)
  • Mexereum (for itching skin)
  • R. Bulbosus (for itching skin).
  • Petroleum (for cracking)
  • R. Toxicodendron (for Itchiness)

How Does Viratrol® For Genital Warts Work?

The treatment is a unique multi-directional process that is meant to promote a naturally lifestyle that is marked by vibrancy, energy and a fresh approach to life, in addition to relieving the herpes symptoms.

Viratrol also helps to enhance your diet with essential organic nutrients that you may be missing due to the modern lifestyle. When you body is replenished with these nutrients, it helps to increase detoxification and cellular oxygen for improved overall health.

The active homeopathic ingredients are delivered to the body by use of superior oligotherapeutic water base that does not irritate of contain alcohol, which supports that body’s natural balance.

Pros and Cons of Viratrol® For Genital Warts

In addition to providing fast and effective relief from herpes symptoms, Viratrol also contain a Bio-available liquid formula that is easy to administer, and supports optimal stability, energy and strength. The treatment supports your medication regimen and overall health, and is an effective integration of medicine and healthy lifestyle choices.

By taking the medication just two times in a day, you will soon be free of herpes symptoms and your body will regain control, thus allowing you to get back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Unlike most drugs where the efficacy is manifested in the first few days, Viratrol gives optimal results for at least 3 to 6 months of consumption (a capsule it taken twice a day consistently) with visible results being present in the first month.

Unwanted Side Effects

Viratrol is a normal and chemical free product. It doesn’t cause any negative effects if you use it. It treats both internal and external genital warts.

60 Days Guarantee

Viratrol is a FDA-registered Over-the-counter medicine formulated to relieve symptoms associated with herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 & HSV-2), and help to improve total health condition in adults and children.

The active viratrol ingredients are petroleum (for cracking), R. Toxicodendron (for Itchiness), M. Piperita (for Sensitive Skin), Mexereum (for Itching skin) and R.Bulbosus (for Itching skin).

Where to Buy Viratrol®?

Viratrol Herpes simplex virus is highly prevalent, with over 50% of the US adult population being carriers. Viratrol works in two ways. First, it primarily acts as a preventive food supplement; this is meant to strengthen the immune system and fend viral attacks while at the same time reducing the risk of future viral outbreaks.

Secondly, it relieves any pain or discomfort that is associated with herpes. Viratrol has been proven to be effective in relieving the symptoms that are associated with the virus, including tingling, stinging, itching and minor eruption of cold sores of fever blisters that occur on the face or on the body.


Viratrol relieves symptoms of herpes without resulting in negative side effects as Viratrol is a natural and chemical free medicine. In addition, unlike other homeopathic treatments, Viratrol does not contain any alcohol, gluten or sugar, and can be taken internally or even used externally for optimal effect.

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