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What Causes Warts On Head?

What Causes Warts On Head

Research has identified what causes warts on head; they are said to be caused by a viral infection that is mostly common in humans and is known as the Human Papilloma virus. This virus infects the surface of the skin.

There are so many types of HPV that can be transmitted from one individual to the other that is difficult to pinpoint what causes warts on head or any other part of your body.

Doctors say they have identified 40 types of HPV in individuals. They are transmitted directly and indirectly when people are exposed to surfaces that infected persons have come into contact with and this can be one of the reasons that can be led to many people’s questions about “what causes warts on head“.

For instance, this disease can be transmitted by just merely walking barefoot on a surface that has been use by an infected person. Or if you touch and object that someone has touched and then touches a part of your body with the hand.


Signs and symptoms of warts are more significant on the skin. This is because they infect the top layer of the skin. Two types of warts that are so common on the skin include:

Common warts:

These are rough and have a border that is defined. Their shapes are irregular and round. They grow to an average range of 2mm to 10mm. These warts are firm and they usually turn grey, brown or even gray black. They are mostly present on the toes and on the hands. Usually, common warts do not hurt but their impact is seen on the skin.

Plantar warts:

On so many occasions, they are flattened by pressure that is exerted when a person is standing. Plantar warts are often painful and they bear weight on the affected part of the foot.

However, many people cannot differentiate between corns and planter warts. Corns are different from warts. This is because plantar warts do not have dark spots and planter warts require treatment to be done frequently and repeated several times before they disappear.

Know About What Causes Warts On Head

It is better to ensure that you take care of the warts at the right time before they reach a serious stage where it gets difficult to treat them. Consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed before you conclude about anything and apart from that, ask the doctor whether there are any simple home remedies which can help you out. That would be better because they don’t have any kind of negative effects in the long run even if you try them.

Warts can be diagnosed by just a simple look. Doctors simply remove tissues from wart to diagnose and analyze the infection under a microscope. Nevertheless, warts frequently disappear without the need for treatment. However, such patients require medication since these warts have a greater chance of infecting the same person again.

Simple application of medication or certain acids are meant to freeze it or one can have them removed surgically. There are so many reasons why warts should be treated. However, the treatment option that one decided to go for depends on the pain experienced, location, and size.

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