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What Causes Warts On Legs?

What Causes Warts On Legs

The human papilomavirus is what causes warts on legs. The virus has had more than 100 known strains and infections and the virus is what causes warts on different parts of the body.

Warts on the legs are prone to affect children whose immune systems have not developed fully and at times have cuts and scrapes on their knees and legs. Research has shown that there is likelihood that children with warts on the legs are prone to infection more than their adult counterparts.

What Causes Warts On Legs: What Everyone Should Know

What causes warts on legs; warts on legs occur mostly in a person who spends a considerable amount of time in warm, moist environments; community swimming pools and sports locker rooms are some of the places where this virus can be found.

This virus gains entrance to the body and uses channels such as breaks and tears that occur on the skin surface of an individual. For children who play around these places, they may fall and tear their skin surface and the HPV will gain entrance in the body.

It is very common among kids to share towels. However, this should be a concern to parents, as it is very possible for a child who already has the virus to transmit it to a child with whom he or she shares the same towel.

The ease at which this virus transmits to the body is very alarming; so necessary measures need to be put in place to prevent the spread of the virus to other parts.

Many medical practitioners across the world have concluded that the warts occur mostly in children, as they have not developed a strong immune resistance to counter the spread of human pappilomavirus. Since the virus is a living thing, any touching or picking of the wart will cause the spread of virus from one child to another.

What Causes Warts On Legs? Know About Symptoms

It is important that you be on the lookout for some of symptoms that indicate that you may have contacted the virus. Some of the symptoms include abnormally dark or light skin surrounding lesions, rough growths that may occur beneath the feet, round or oval lesions that are found on the sole of the feet and slightly painful when pressure is applied.

Though this problem is not a life threatening one, it is always better to be on the safe side so that you can avoid any kind of embarrassment because of the appearance of warts on your skin. It is good to try some simple methods to get rid of warts because they are supposed to work if at all the problem is just in the starting stages.

Know About What Causes Warts On Legs

Another symptom that may suggest you have the warts is the presence of small, hard flat or raised skin lesions or lumps on your feet. Warts on feet will disappear on their own, as many of the common warts do; but at times, these may require medication.

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